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And the fervor slowly fades...
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Fervor over the GameSpot fracas has pretty much died down. Not unexpected, considering the company line is "there is no spoon" and the other principles involved have signed agreements preventing them from speaking on the matter (revealing so-called company secrets is grounds for dismissal in any corporation, ya know, not to mention nasty legal recourse).

I've seen skeptical forum posts on both sides proclaiming "There's no proof they fired Jeff over advertiser pressure" and "There's no proof they didn't." The fact is there will never be hard proof one way or the other, because Jeff isn't going to sacrifice his severance to talk and management isn't going to fall on a spear just to regain the credibility of a userbase that doesn't make $400,000 ad buys.

All the proof I need is in the way the staff reacted to Jeff's dismissal and to what went on in the closed door meeting that took place on November 30th. I can't reveal exactly what was said, because I don't want to implicate specific staffers, but the bottom line is this: Any staffer that continues to work there once this fervor dies down does so with the fear that, one day, management will ask them to soften up their tone and scores... and they will either have to swallow their integrity and abide, or risk taking a stand and being let go.

This is why there has to be a separation of church and state between marketing and editorial. I know it's "just entertainment coverage," but do you really want to read an evaluation of a $60 game and have to wonder if what you're reading is the honest truth or fluffed up? More to the point, how would you feel to read a review that inspired you to burn sixty bucks, only to bring the game home and find out the review misled you?

And in other news...
Christmas shopping was going so well, until I stuck my mom's gifts into the box I was going to use for shipping and realized it's too small. Dagnabbit! I was hoping I could re-use an old Amazon box. Now, it looks like I might have to fritter away some bucks for a larger box, not to mention some additional bubble wrap. Urgh... mostly I'm just annoyed that, because of my ill-preparedness, I couldn't drop the package off at Staples' UPS counter today.

Today was an odd day anyways. I stayed up late watching Alien Vs. Predator on BluRay (OK movie, not too impressed by the BluRay perks), and didn't manage to fall asleep until 5AM. Slept fitfully until 8, then we went to breakfast. I finally got down for some real sleep around 1PM or so. Woke up around 6 feeling mentally rested, but my knees and feet were aching for some reason. Bleh.

As it is, the last few weeks have felt utterly blank to me: Lots of work, going to the gym, coping with alternating bouts of insomnia and hypersomnia. I think I've just been ready for the "Christmas break" to begin for a while now. I felt overworked and overstressed this past summer. That feeling went away when Fall was in full swing, but I definitely notice my fatigue cutoff has lowered. I'm going to use the break to relax and to catch up on a few of the games I set aside for personal enjoyment that I never got around to playing during the year.

Not exactly looking forward what the New Year will bring... but, oh well, a new year is supposed to bring change. And change is definitely in store.

Edited to add: A 10pm jaunt to Meijer yielded the necessary shipping materials. Bleh. At least Jones Root Beer 1-liters are on sale for $1.25 each again. Yum-Oh.

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