Frank Provo (frankprovo) wrote,
Frank Provo

CPA: BEC and REG results

The AICPA keeps tweaking their exams, which means score release windows are three months long. And so, I got my scores for both BEC and REG this week. I passed both. For those keeping track, that's all four CPA exams in 10 months of studying.

REG (tax and business law): 87
This one was no joke. Many of the multiple choice required intermediate calculations. The Sims were intense, but fair. I expected somewhere between a 79-85 based on my Gleim scores, but my actual score was an 87. In preparation, I did more than 2,000 multiple choice questions and a litany of sims. I also did at least 3 practice exams and watched Roger's cram course in the final few weeks. I'm not sure how much more I could've done. I'm happy with an 87.

BEC (Econ, Investing, Cost Accounting, Etc): 98
That's not a typo. NASBA's portal is showing a 98. That's 1 point below the maximum of 99. I'm shaking my head, because that exam threw me for a loop. I couldn't tell if the second multiple choice set was the challenging set. I had no idea what the Sims were asking. And the essay questions were the definition of vague. And yet, somehow, I basically crushed it. I guess my accounting intuition is good. I'm thankful for that, because I firmly expected to fail this one. My guesstimate was between 68 and 76.

Of the many things I have learned from this process, I now know that when I find an exam brutal and unfair, I'm probably crushing it. And, when I find an exam is "challening, but fair," that means I did above average.

Between these exams, finishing my Masters degree, and everything else in my life, I've just run on stress for a good 2 years straight... if not longer. Now I just need to have faith in myself, apply all of this knowledge, and rediscover how to be a normal person again.

That's going to take months. In the meantime, I have a lot of printouts to put in the recycle bin.
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